Kyle likes to talk (a lot). And someone once made the mistake of handing him a microphone.
Kyle Hansen is the Emcee/Main Speaker of Outcast BMX. He started Skateboarding at the age of 5, and was introduced to BMX later in his teenage years. Because much of his life revolved around Action Sports, and being that his God-given personality made him somewhat of a "hype man" already, Kyle slid into the role of Emcee/Speaker quite naturally.
Kyle was born-and-raised in a Christian household in Tulsa, Oklahoma and "accepted Christ" at a very young age, but didn't quite understand the implications of that decision until a bit later on. While attending the University of Arkansas, Kyle got involved with a Campus Ministry that put a heavy emphasis on Discipleship. During his college years, Kyle learned how to study the Bible in-depth, and gained a lot of "tools" (metaphorically speaking) that would help equip him for future ministry work.
After spending a short amount of time overseas in India doing mission work, and being on staff at a local church, Kyle got to help start a Skateboard & BMX Ministry/Lifestyle Brand called Self Destruct ("Die to self. Live for Christ.") in 2009. Because of his involvement with Self Destruct and Outcast BMX, Kyle has been afforded the opportunity to travel all over the world, using the platform of Action Sports to share the life-altering Gospel of Jesus Christ with hundreds-of-thousands of people!
In addition to getting people STOKED at Outcast BMX Shows, Kyle likes to help facilitate a good time by telling corny "Dad Jokes" over the mic, even if they're only met with sympathy-laughs. He also enjoys short walks on the beach. (Because TBH, long walks are tiring.)