Spencer’s dad passed away from brain cancer when I he was just 11 and he struggled with his passing for a couple years after. Then when he was 13, a friend invited him to a skate park. “I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Riding was able to take my mind off everything else and help me let go.” He still at times finds it hard to believe that he gets get paid to do something that he loves so much, but is grateful to the sport that has afforded him the opportunity to do so and takes nothing for granted. “I push myself every day to progress, but at the same time try to have as much fun as I can and let that reflect through my riding and attitude. God will always come first in my life but riding is my focus and dream underneath him.”

Spencer understands the impact he can have on kids that watch him perform and admire him, and he takes that responsibility seriously. “I do my best to be a good role model for the kids in the area and try to direct them out of trouble. I want them to realize that when they see an awesome opportunity like I did, to make the best of it, and have as much fun as they can.” Spencer has been featured on networks such as MTV, NBC, ABC and Nickelodeon to name just a few, and covered in publications including The Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, BMX Plus and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He’s also been in music videos and commercials for Hasbro, Chuck E. Cheese and Suzuki. Spencer has performed and competed in countries around the world including Germany, Poland, Estonia and Finland and has taken home five 1st place trophies among his many top 10 finishes.