My journey with Christ began in 2012. I grew up in a broken home with a father who was absent my mom let me get away with anything I wanted this led me to being out of control. As I have grown older, I have really suffered from the bad choices I have made as a teenager. I ended up meeting and amazing woman who is now my wife. I had some struggles still, I felt like the world was tearing me down and I wanted to be more. I wanted more to my life I had a study partner who believed in, and we made a choice to seek Christ I asked for forgiveness of my past sins was baptized in my life has been forever changed.

I ride for outcast BMX to help spread the word, and to bring people to Christ like myself. To help people see that no matter where you have came from, no matter what has happened in your past, if you give yourself over to Christ your future will be blessed. My life has been blessed with my ability to use my talent riding bikes to get kids and adults interested and thinking about how their life can be changed if they seek out a relationship with God. And addition to reaching people through my riding with outcast, I have started my own show team with my wife named risen BMX. We named it risen BMX because we have both risen above all the negativity and struggles and found Christ, which hopefully pours out in our shows.