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The five things everyone needs to know before they bring in a big ramp BMX show:

  1. Insurance - Every team must carry a general liability policy that covers them in case of injury during their show. Typically a $1M will suffice.
  2. Ramps - Make sure the team you bring in can do big tricks off of ramps that are 4ft or higher.  Backflips, Tailwhips, Superman Seatgrabs, etc.  This is what people come to see.
  3. Riders - Make sure the team you bring in has at least 3 riders for a Big Ramp Show. Each rider will be fatigued so imagine you can get 10 minutes of great tricks from a well-seasoned rider, so if you bring out 3, you've got at least 30 minutes of great tricks.
  4. Professionals - The riders you bring should be professional meaning they have a high skill level and the endurance to get through a show. Our riders are seen in Dew Action Sports Tour, Red Bull Tour, Barnum and Bailey Circus, ESPN, X-Games, and more.  Amateur riders will put on a bad show, can perform worse as the show goes on and are more likely to be injured.
  5. Costs - The biggest cost outside of the honorarium is distance that will be traveled.  Schedule a team that is within 8 hours of you or that is already coming nearby to save significantly on costs.  Since we have five teams based in California, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and Florida, your costs will likely stay low with us.